I often treat lung and sinus problems. In most cases I find it important to include herbs in the treatment. My patients find relief in symptoms and often can reduce or eliminate medications, or avoid the use of antibiotics.


The discomfort of musculo-skeletal pain or headache is the most common reason people seek out Chinese medicine. Pain of any kind, chronic or acute, is often alleviated by treatment.

Anxiety & Depression

With its balancing properties, Chinese medicine is helpful for many emotional issues. It can be used in conjunction with western medications.


Sometimes Chinese medicine brings about a big change in gastro-intestinal function. I see a lot of success in treating IBS and other bowel dysfunction. I’ve had many patients find they no longer need anti-acid medications for acid reflux. Appetite issues, nausea and vomiting, and GI pain also may be treated successfully.

Women’s Health

I have experience treating menstrual problems and the symptoms that sometimes occur with menopause. I do not treat pregnancy, infertility, or PCOS

Sleep Disturbance

Sleep problems can arise from a variety of imbalances. Getting to the root of the problem is one of Chinese medicine’s strengths.


I have experience working with kidney and bladder issues including urinary dysfunction, pain, and inflammation. Early treatment of UTI can prevent the need for antibiotics.

Chronic Illness

Chinese medicine can offer assistance in degenerative conditions by relieving pain and by supporting a person’s energy.


Heart issues should always be investigated by a medical doctor. I play an adjunct role in treating arrhythmias, angina, or debility from cardiac procedures. I often treat hypertension.


I’ve been working with children for many years and treat a very wide range of conditions. I use other modalities besides needles when necessary.